Drum Recording Session


A three-hour drum recording session with engineer included.



Drum Recording Session

Due to innovation in recording technology, the production quality of music recorded at home has become remarkable high. With the right know-how and some of the latest gear, you can get your tracks sounding good. However, what most home studio recordings lack, is the energy that a live drum recording adds to a song. Recording a drum kit can bring many challenges that the home studio environment can not cater for. For example;

Neighbours – It will not take your neighbours long to become disgruntled. I know your music is great, but the same drum track on its third take would be testing for most, especially if you are only a few songs into your album. Here at Radio Woking, we have a sound isolated live room so you can confidently record your drum tracks without the fear of a noise complaint.

Microphones – Microphones can be expensive and depending on how many mics you choose to use, the cost of sourcing them could cost more than the studio time. Another issue a lot of home producers will find is that they have a limited number of inputs on their interface. Not to worry, here at Radio Woking we can record eight inputs simultaneously.

Engineer – Our price includes the engineer. He will be the go-to guy to get you the professional drum track you desire. Or, if you have the know how to achieve the sound you are after, then our engineer will happily step aside and let you take control. The engineer will be there in case you have any questions or issues when using the studio to enable your session runs as smoothly as possible.

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