Live Recording Session




Two hours of live recording in the Radio Woking Studios.  This package will enable you to capture a live performance of you or your group in a professional studio environment.  The performance will be captured using our X-32 mixing console allowing us to record 32 inputs simultaneously.  The package will include a video of the performance as well as the individual produced tracks.  The package includes our mixing and mastering services to ensure your sound is of the highest quality.

The Radio Woking studio uses the latest audio editing software allowing us the ability to give your music the standard of production it deserves. Unlike some mixing services, you will maintain full ownership of the mix we have created.

We understand the need for a fast turnaround, so we aim to get your master completed within five working days.  We will bring your track up to the industry standard loudness, while still retaining emotional impact.  The studio keeps its rates competitive locally and online.  Your mastered track will be bounced down to a 16bit 44.1kHz WAV, the standard for CD production and download.

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